Our Services
Biophilia Inc. is a Calgary, Alberta based environmental consulting firm. Our aim is client-focused environmental consulting, which applies the principles of environmental management. At Biophilia we specialize in creative solutions specifically tailored to your environmental management needs. Together with our clients we develop proactive strategies which may include:
  • Rethinking past or recurring environmental concerns
  • Developing strategic environmental planning
  • Creating frameworks to capitalize on environmental opportunities

Our strength comes through combining a "back to basics" application of science and management principles and hands-on practical experience, with "out of the box" innovative problem-solving. Our experience includes a range of environmental management services in the identification, assessment, and mitigation of potential human health and environmental impacts. We believe in delivering original, high-quality work, on budget, and on time.

We offer services ranging from development of a solution for a specific environmental problem, to establishment of environmental due diligence and regulatory compliance, to development of a corporate strategy for sustainability. We focus on finding the most appropriate tools and technologies to meet our client's needs. Since our services are client-focused rather than focused on a specific technology, every project involves the application of a unique set of tools, or a tool applied in an unconventional way.

Some of the tools that we have applied in past projects:
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessment
  • Screening-Level Risk Assessment
  • Regulatory compliance audit
  • Spill Response Plan
  • Air, Surface Water and Groundwater Monitoring
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Environmental Management System (development)
  • Environmental Management System (auditing)
  • Environmental training
  • Regulatory review / policy analysis
  • Environmental Research