Past Services


Risk Management Plan Calgary, Alberta
Reviewed previous consulting reports, which documented the prescence of several drycleaning operations in the vicinity of the site, as well as the presence of trichloroethylene. Conducted Phase II Environmental Site Assessment to determine the extent of trichloroethylene on the site. Developed and implemented a Risk Management Plan, which included environmental monitoring of soil and groundwater during site construction, and site remediation and confirmatory soil and groundwater sampling where necessary.

Due Diligence for Site Acquisition Calgary, Alberta
Performed a due diligence review for three quarter-sections of real estate, part of which included a former industrial site. Reviewed approximately 50 previous consulting reports dating over 15 years. Designed and conducted a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment to determine adequacy of initial site assessment and subsequent cleanup. Consulted with regulatory authorities regarding interpretation and current application of historical requirements. Provided conclusions and recommendations to client regarding nature and extent of residual risk.

Risk Management Plan High River, Alberta
Reviewed previous Phase II Environmental Site Assessments. Developed a Risk Management Plan for a former gasoline service station site, obtained regulatory approval, and reviewed data collected during plan implementation for regulatory compliance.

Environmental Management System International
Co-managed development and implementation of an environmental Remedial Action Plan for an international food warehouse and distribution company. The Plan was designed to address an environmental undertaking submitted to a lender in support of a $90,000,000 loan application. The Plan included identification and completion of over 400 projects in order to address due diligence issues. This included development of a corporate Environmental Management System (EMS) template based on ISO 14001, followed by an EMS specific to each location. The wide range of projects included development of an environmental policy; regulatory review for a variety of federal, provincial, state, and municipal jurisdictions; spill response planning; development of environmental purchasing guidelines; mould investigations; petroleum storage tank abandonment; Phase I Environmental Audits; Phase II Environmental Assessments; site remediation; development of Standard Operating Procedures; and all other EMS components.

Environmental Assessment and Risk Management Medicine Hat, Alberta
Developed a Risk Management Plan for a former pottery plant, designated as a historic site. Designed and conducted Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments to identify the types and locations of site contaminants. This included a literature review of the engineering processes used in pottery manufacture and a review of glaze recipes to identify potential contaminants, and an interview with the original Plant Engineer (now deceased) to identify site-specific processes and procedures, and to determine possible locations of residual contamination. Conducted a screening-level risk assessment of the site and surroundings, including a recreational area, wildlands, and greenhouses. Developed and recommended cost-effective remediation and site management alternatives.

Environmental Management System Audit Western Canada
Designed an EMS Audit and supervised a multidisciplinary team auditing a major mall in Western Canada. Audit methodology was based on ISO 14001 and current industry practice standards. Audit included regulatory review; review of procedures and practices; and examination of records, including environmental training and incident response.

Site Assessment and Evaluation of Site Remediation Raymond, Alberta
Conducted a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment of a former service station for a potential purchaser. Assessment included a soil vapour survey, and identification and investigation of issues related to the potential for gasoline contamination of the site, and sensitive neighbouring land uses. On completion of the Phase I ESA, landowner commissioned site remediation. Provided oversight for the purchaser of remedial procedures conducted on behalf of the landowner. Remedial procedures included excavation of contaminated soil for landfarming, and installation of a hydrocarbon-resistant liner. Reviewed remediation reports to provide an opinion on the adequacy of regulatory compliance and permitting.

Due Diligence Review Northwest Territories
Reviewed of site closure designs for landfill and hazardous waste disposal site from a former DEW-line station. Reviewed site assessment data to determine adequacy of chosen analytical parameters and selected sampling locations; reviewed sampling techniques and methods; examined quality control procedures. Considered adequacy of long-term monitoring for detecting design failure. Determined pathways for human and environmental risk not addressed in closure design. Reviewed proposed groundwater monitoring program. Prepared recommendations for the monitoring of site integrity, groundwater sampling and analysis, and assessment of related potential environmental impacts.


Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments Edmonton, Alberta
Conducted a Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment as part of due diligence review for the acquisition of an operating industrial site within “refinery row”.

Methane Assessment and Management Okotoks, Alberta
Designed and conducted an assessment of the potential for methane generation from buried organic material discovered during construction of a residential subdivision. As part of a team of consulting firms, developed and implemented a plan for management of methane-related risks, and conducted ongoing monitoring to confirm the effectiveness of the plan.

Environmental Assessment Calgary, Alberta
Conducted assessment of historical petroleum contamination discovered during excavation of underground utilities at an industrial site. Likely sources were identified through chromatogram matching. Developed remedial measures.

Environmental Impact Assessments Northeast Alberta
Conducted a multidisciplinary team assessment of potential environmental impacts from oil wells to be drilled on First Nations lands. Investigated and developed recommendations for mitigation measures. Proposed wellsite locations impinged on a wetland area; assisted in negotiations between oil company and IOGC to relocate wellsites.

Phase II Site Assessment Calgary, Alberta
Designed and conducted a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment to investigate the nature and extent of contamination at a site used historically for burial of wastes from an oil refinery. Investigation included assessment of onsite migration of contaminants from an adjacent property, also used for waste burial. Prepared evidence for legal proceedings, including options and cost estimates for remedial measures.

Groundwater Monitoring Calgary, Alberta
Designed and coordinated the annual groundwater monitoring program at a steel manufacturing facility for four years. Program included selection of groundwater monitoring well locations and well installation, and proper abandonment of damaged wells; design of sampling program, including analysis for potential contaminants and conductivity measurements; interpretation of laboratory data; and development of ongoing recommendations.

Petroleum Facility Aquisition Assessments Various Locations, Alberta
Performed a variety of Phase I Environmental Assessments to determine potential environmental liabilities for the acquisition or ongoing operation of various oil and gas production and processing facilities in Alberta. Assessments generally included interpretation of aerial photographs; review of operator’s files; regulatory records search; interviews with regulatory personnel, site operators and local residents; site inspection; and semi-quantitative sampling for hydrocarbons or other potential contaminants. Assessment results were interpreted according to current regulatory requirements, as well as accepted industry practice standards.

Environmental Assessment Calgary, Alberta
Identified and assessed environmental and human health issues relating to the development of a former meatpacking plant as a public market. Issues examined included determination of contaminants and pathogens associated with an abandoned waste treatment facility.

Real Estate Aquisition Assessments Various Locations, Alberta
Performed Phase I Environmental Site Assessments throughout Alberta for a number of companies and organizations. Sites included historical lumberyard; former batter manufacturing plant; cultivated agricultural lands; former gas stations; office towers; and property within industrial parks. Audits included historical title search and review; review of municipal records; interpretation of aerial photographs; interviews with site owners or managers; site inspection and limited sampling.

Data Collection for Risk Assessment West Central Alberta
Designed and directed a soils and vegetation assessment to collect data for the development of risk-based remediation criteria. Assessment was conducted on a former wellsite contaminated with diesel-based drilling mud. Collected background data relative to site-specific risk factors. Selected analytical parameters, conducted sampling of soils and vegetation, and submitted samples for laboratory analysis. Collected additional field data as relevant for risk assessment, and prepared recommendations for future site remediation and reclamation.


Indoor Air Quality Assessment Strathmore, Alberta
Supervised investigation of air quality problems due to mould growth in recently constructed private residence. Interviewed resident to obtain medical history. Assessed results of sampling and species identification. Reviewed reports from other consultants regarding standard of construction and possible causes. Inspected site. Assisted resident in negotiations with insurance company and builder and prepared evidence in anticipation of legal proceedings.

Odour Complaint Investigation Rocky Mountain House, Alberta
In collaboration with an occupational hygiene firm, performed a detailed assessment of an indoor air quality complaint attributed by a resident to sour gas exposure. Issues identified and investigated included indoor air contaminant levels, drinking water quality, effects of the wood stove, air exchange rates, and production problems associated with sour gas operations in the area. Resident health symptoms were compared with the toxicology of potential contaminants within the residence. Recommendations were made for steps to resolve the situation, based on the results of the assessment.


Spill Response Plan Preparation Calgary, Alberta
Prepared an interim spill response plan prior to redesign and reconstruction of chemical storage facilities at an industrial site. Plan included tiered criteria for evaluating spill effects and response; contents of spill kits; employee responsibilities and actions at various levels in the company, in the event of a spill; spill documentation and reporting.

Spill Assessment and Remediation Calgary, Alberta
Prepared history of varsol spill to document details of actions taken by company staff. Provided advice regarding spill clean-up and follow-up actions. Performed confirmatory sampling and analysis. Assisted in preparation of report to Alberta Environmental Protection. Designed and supervised construction of a compost-type biotreatment system.


Permitting Northeast British Columbia
Assembled and coordinated a multidisciplinary team from several consulting firms to assess potential impacts and develop mitigation strategies in order to obtain regulatory approval for summer drilling program in northeast British Columbia.

Regulatory Compliance Calgary, Alberta
Investigated compliance status of former gas station site adjacent to client’s property. Negotiated with regulatory authorities for enforcement of regulatory requirements. Reviewed previous consulting reports obtained through a Freedom of Information Act application. Represented client in a public hearing. An Environmental Protection Order and court order were obtained against the site. Site was ultimately remediated.

CEAA Audits Northeast Alberta
Managed audit team, and conducted environmental audits required by CEAA on oil and gas sites developed on First Nations Lands. Audits included review of pertinent corporate files, regulatory approvals and records, as well as detailed field inspections. Site-specific recommendations were developed based on non-compliance with federal or provincial legislation, industry guidelines, or good operating practice. Methods for achieving compliance/conformance with recommended. Emphasis was placed on reclamation, erosion and vegetation control, waste and spill management issues.


Inhouse Manual Western Canada
Researched and prepared a manual to provide technical guidance to in-house staff at a regulatory agency for dealing with the potential impacts of hydrocarbon releases into the environment. Manual contents included potential environmental impacts and toxicology; assessment methods and sampling techniques; review of regulatory requirements of various jurisdictions; and remediation and mitigation methods.

Pipeline Abandonment Northeast Alberta
Contracted through oil industry association to conduct research on the identification and assessment of trace contaminants associated with oil and gas pipelines abandoned in place. Conducted literature reviews and interviews with industry experts in order to identify, and where possible quantify, trace contaminants which might be released by oil and gas pipelines if abandoned in place. Prepared recommendations for regulatory policy and guidelines to minimize the potential for contaminant-related environmental impacts from pipelines abandoned in place.


Environmental Training Calgary, Alberta
We have provided environmental training services to a number of institutions, professional associations, and educational service companies. Topics have included Management of Contaminated Sites, Environmental Audits and Assessments, Emergency Response Planning, Environmental Inspection of Pipeline Construction, and Introduction to Environmental Issues.